Affiliate Membership Program At-A-Glance

A Membership with So Much to Offer!

LIBOR Affiliates can enjoy the following individual benefits for only $400 per year – or join under our new Group Level Plan and pay only $600 per year for yourself, PLUS two (2) additional secondary memberships.*


  • Eligible to sponsor and exhibit at high-profile LIBOR events. (Sponsorship opportunities ONLY open to LIBOR affiliates
  • Affiliates pay the member rate to attend meetings, seminars, and events
  • Members can attend one new Affiliate Member Orientation
  • Eligible to receive the Affiliate Member of the Year award
  • Eligible to serve on LIBOR committees

Marketing & Advertising:

  • Receive a digital copy of our most current LIBOR Membership Roster.
  • Listing in the Enhanced Affiliate Membership Directory on

And there is more:

  • Receive member pricing for LIBOR Educational courses and computer training
  • Access to REALTOR® Member Benefits and Savings

Ready to Join?


LIBOR reserves the right to change, limit or eliminate the Affiliate Membership Program or any of its benefits at any time. LIBOR also has the right to change the terms and conditions of membership, including dues amount, at any time. The program is designed for individuals and is non-transferable within a company. Dues are non-refundable and not prorated. Membership term for each company representative is one (1) year.