Real Safe Agent

Crime Prevention System 

We are thrilled to announce a free LIBOR member benefit! Real Safe Agent is not a personal safety app, it is a crime prevention system for the real estate industry. Based in behavioral science, the system empowers our community to cooperate and collaborate for the purposes of keeping each other safe. This cooperation and collaboration prevents the precursor behaviors of a predator from escalating to a crime, and denies the criminal the environment needed to commit a crime.

The more members using the system, the safer everyone becomes, so be sure to watch the video and use the system! 

Real Safe Agent New Login -

Long Island Board of REALTORS® Login Code - nki533

Both current and new users will need this to update their existing app or activate their new one once they have installed it.

Apr 20, 2023    2 mins

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For more info and questions contact Real Safe Agent: | 512-593-4300

Real Safe Agent Guides

Download guides from Real Safe Agent, exclusive to LIBOR members, with tips and advice on how to keep you and your business safe.

A comprehensive agent safety analysis and guide for Real Estate industry associations, MLSs, and brokerages.

A practical guide for preventing crime without sacrificing the sale.