Careers in Real Estate

If you've been spending a lifetime looking for the right job, spend the next few moments reading about the career of a lifetime! Real estate sales can be a very lucrative and rewarding career. Real estate salespeople are typically independent contractors, and as a result, enjoy the freedom of being their own boss with the guidance and support of their broker or manager. As a real estate salesperson, you will have a great deal of flexibility, the opportunity to work with and meet many interesting people and enjoy a variety of activities in your work.

Your income potential is very high with many agents enjoying six-figure incomes and actually employing assistants. Unlike many industries, in recent years, there is excellent long-term job security as a licensed agent. Think about it, whether a good or bad economy, people still have housing needs.

Real estate sales can also lead to other real estate-related careers such as real estate appraisal, mortgage loan officer, sales manager, title officer, property manager, commercial real estate, sales trainer, or real estate brokerage management.

Some qualities that you will see typically in a successful agent are:

  • strong self-esteem and confidence
  • good communicators (especially as a listener)
  • self-motivated to succeed
  • goal-oriented
  • very ethical, honest, and fair
  • enjoy meeting new people and helping them with their housing needs

Get Started Here

If you feel that these are qualities that you have, then perhaps a career in real estate is just what you've been searching for. At Long Island Board of REALTORS® (LIBOR), we can help get you started on the right path. You'll first need the New York State required 75 Hour Real Estate Sales Licensing Course. After that, LIBOR offers skill training programs to include a "3 Day Up and Running" course which is FREE to our licensing graduates. Real Estate 101 for New Agents". Taught by a national real estate trainer, this course is known to be one of the BEST courses for new agents in the country!