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Risk Management

LIBOR provides real estate brokers information and resources to help them learn how to recognize business risks and stay up to date on industry legal changes. Check out Risk Management resources below.

Broker Manager Events

LIBOR Brokers and Managers are offered exclusive access to a diverse array of events designed to empower your business endeavors. Whether you're seeking cutting-edge insights, valuable connections, or strategic opportunities, our events are tailored to provide you with the extra edge you need to thrive in today's competitive landscape – both digitally and in person. Join us and elevate your brokerage experience to new heights.

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Broker / Manager Exclusive Monthly Newsletter

LIBOR offers its broker members an exclusive monthly newsletter with legal and regulatory tips, broker specific news, information on upcoming exclusive broker webinars and presentation decks for sales meetings to help brokers with risk management so that they can run profitable businesses. Check out our archive of previous Broker Brief emails and sign up for future newsletters via buttons below.

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Broker/Manager Webinar Replays

LIBOR’s Broker/Manager webinars are thoughtfully designed to empower you with the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance your proficiency, mitigate risks, navigate challenges effectively, and seize opportunities in the dynamic realm of real estate. Gain invaluable insights from industry leaders, harness the power of strategic education, and stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge information. Check out our replays to see what you missed or enjoy them again!

Additional Resources

Unlocking Leadership Excellence

Brokers can be effective leaders by adopting a combination of leadership principles and industry-specific strategies. This report offers multiple ways you can create a positive and thriving environment for your brokerage, ultimately contributing to its success.  

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How to Master Your Business

Mastering strategies for business success involves establishing a strong presence, building a reputable brand, and consistently delivering excellent service. This report offers brokers strategies to assist you with creating a thriving business.

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How to Avoid Broker Burnout

Broker burnout is a real concern in high-stress industries like real estate. This report offers strategies to help avoid burnout.

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Demonstrating Your Value

With robust real estate information readily available online, consumers are questioning the value of REALTOR® services. This report offers five ways to demonstrate your value and why you are worth every penny.

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